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Office relocation is an extremely complex process that one should not take on without the assistance of a professional company with extensive experience. Aside from just moving furniture, an office move requires the relocation of important documents, computers and other various electronics, as well as break-room appliances. A move that is not done in an efficient manner could make an office move a much more costly endeavor, not just in money, but also in time and productivity. Provided are some things one must think about when planning an office move.

The most obvious step is taking an inventory of the workplace. This is useful not in just planning the size of a move and estimating the cost, but also in planning how you are going to set up your new work place. If you already know the floor plan for your new location, using software such as IKEA’s 2008 Office Planner or SmartDraw (both available for free) can really help you get an idea of where you want all of your furniture to go. It is also practical to allow your employees to take a tour of your new office before the move and allow them to give input on the layout, as they might be able to provide you with useful ideas.

Another important aspect of office moving is knowing that your internet and phone systems will be available immediately. Nothing can be more stressful than moving into a new office and having a delay in access to the internet or phone. Ensure that you are in communication with your phone and internet providers, and make sure you have an available IT person on board with your move so that everything is set up promptly and smoothly.

When picking an office mover, it is wise to pick someone that has extensive experience in the field, for many reasons. First of all, those that specialize in office relocation will often be able to take your business’ needs into consideration during a move. These include understanding which parts of the office require a priority in moving, allowing certain individuals whose jobs are a priority to be up and running quicker. Often times office furniture, such as cubicles, etc. can be much larger than the standard home desk or cabinet, requiring trickier maneuvering into and out of buildings. In a downtown environment, a specialized business moving company will likely have experience moving into and out of certain buildings, thus expediting the moving process.


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  1. Michelle Mendoza  August 10, 2011

    Thanks very much for posting. My friend is in the process of moving her office so I will refer her to this. I agree that taking an inverntory count is a must.

    • seank  September 8, 2011

      No problem. I hope your friend finds her moving experience as stress-free as possible!

  2. Matt SF  August 16, 2011

    Moving is such a hassle, you can’t ever get enough useful information about that whole process. Thanks for the advice.

    • seank  September 8, 2011

      Glad to help!

  3. Adelphia  September 13, 2011

    Glad I’ve fainlly found something I agree with!


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