Office Relocation Experts

When it comes to office relocation, Craddock Moving & Storage is the best choice for success. Craddock Moving & Storage has successfully completed some of the largest office relocations in the DFW area. So whether you are moving 1 employee or 1,000, Craddock Moving & Storage has the resources and experience to ensure that your office relocation is a successful one. Many things have changed in office relocation over the past 50 years and Craddock Moving and Storage has developed labor saving techniques that allow you to receive the most competitive pricing in the market.

In today’s business environment it is crucial that your employees have little to no downtime so it is important that you choose a mover that can not only move your company effectively, but more importantly that your mover gets the job done efficiently so there is minimal disruption to your business operation.

No two office moves are the same, and most of them require extensive planning for a successful relocation. From the time that you schedule your move, our moving consultants will help you design a plan to best suit your business needs. A moving consultant will be assigned to your project and coordinate the following with you:

  • Detailed on-site survey and consultation
  • Complete project management
  • Pre-move organization meetings
  • Assistance with space planning and coding
  • Complete floor plan layout of origin and destination
  • Disposition of furniture or equipment being discarded

Once your office moving consultant has met with you, you will be provided with a proposal designed specifically for your project, detailing the cost involved. Prior to your move date, your moving consultant will meet with your Craddock move supervisor to discuss the best course of action for your office relocation. Depending on the size of the move, your moving consultant will often take the Craddock move supervisor to both origin and destination locations for more extensive planning. This preplanning ensures that your office relocation will go as efficiently as possible. On the day of the office relocation, the Craddock move supervisor along with our crew will come to your office before loading time to prepare for the move in following ways:

  • Load furniture on moving dollies
  • Disassemble items that need to be dismantled before the move
  • Prep desk glass
  • Place masonite on floors for protection
  • Apply extra protection for walls and door jambs
  • Loading computers and other office equipment into specialized moving containers
  • Disassemble modular furniture

Once this preparation is complete, your items will be ready to load on the truck. Once the truck is loaded and on its way, our crew will prepare your destination with the same care as at origin. Color coded labels and a pre-determined numbering scheme will enable our crew to place items in their newly designated offices. Following the completion of your relocation, we will consult with you to make sure that your office relocation meets your approval.

For the last 50 years Craddock Moving & Storage has been one of the industry leaders in office relocation in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Our methods will save you money and get your employees back to work with less downtime.

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