Budgeting a Move: Taking Inventory

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A move can be a daunting and frustrating process. One of the many factors that can add to the stress of a move is being unsure about the financial resources you require in order to ensure that a move goes smoothly and without complication. The obvious solution to this problem is to figure out how much a move is going to cost you.

One of the biggest factors that comes into play when budgeting for your move is understanding what it is you are moving. How many large items do you have? These would include obvious items such as furniture (sofas, beds, book cases, etc.) and large appliances. Make a list of these items and note how much you estimate each one weighs. Many moving companies charge you based on weight, so taking into consideration the weight of your load should give you a better idea of what your bill is going to be. You will also want to know whether if the moving company will be storing these items for you or if they will be moved directly to the new location, as this may come into play when calculating the cost of moving these items.

Smaller items may seem like less of an issue during a move, but all of that stuff you have piled up around your house can add up quickly. Full-service movers, such as Craddock Moving and Storage, can lighten your workload when it comes to boxing these items up, but you will be charged for this service. Decide whether or not you wish to take on this task yourself to save additional money or have the items professionally packed when determining the budget for your move. Once again, having an idea of the quantity of items you are moving will assist greatly in budgeting for your move.

Perhaps the best method of limiting your inventory during a move, and thus saving money, is to aggressively cut down on the clutter in your household which will decrease the weight of your shipment and the time spent to pack and move these items. As I prepared for a move myself recently, I listed all of the items I could part with on Craig’s List and netted well over $2000 in cash, which I could then invest in my move and additional repairs to the house I was selling. Not only does this extra cash come in useful, but reducing the amount of items you are packing can streamline the moving process and make it seem much less of an ordeal.


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